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Preached by Chris Broom, 9/5/2010
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Disciples Praying to Our God

Disciples Praying to Our God

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James Series part 9: Spiritual Maturity – Powerful and Effective Prayer – Outline

This lesson concludes our series on the book of James and spiritual maturity.

#1 – Powerful & Effective Prayer STARTS WITH A RIGHTEOUS LIFE! James 5:13-16

What’s righteous? Verses 13-14

KEY: Confession (James 5:16b) – talk about where you’re really at – puts you at ease.

“Don’t waste your sin” – other people struggle with the same stuff and your confession of sin can help others! (openness breeds openness)

Q: Do you really believe that prayer and righteousness makes a difference?

Analogy: If you went to an airline and asked for a ticket, they would ask where you are. If you don’t tell them where you are, then they can’t help you get a ticket somewhere….same with our sin. We need to get open about where we really are so that we can go somewhere!

#2 – Powerful & Effective Prayer COMES FROM FAITH! Hebrews 11:6 must believe – pray in faith . John 14:1-12a – You do not have faith if you are not walking like Jesus. Jesus was dealing here with the issue of leaving His disciples and heading to the cross and resurrection. John 14:12b-14 – this is a powerful & effective prayer

Matthew 18:5-13 Centurion. In verse 10, Jesus was ASTONISHED by the centurion’s faith. The centurion understood authority – that’s why he understood Jesus’ authority and had faith! In all the Italian regiment there was NO OTHER faith like this found! Faith – things will go as you believe that they will! Hebrews 2:14 Jesus was an example of death to free us of our fear of death. Jordan River = death. Death is the PORTAL to Heaven!! We must trust that scripture is the heart of faith!

#3 – Powerful & Effective Prayer BRINGS HEALING! James 5:16 a clear conscience is healing!

God sets the lonely in families and in the world so we will love — each other! We must pray for each other – do something for someone else! STOP THINKING OF SELF! In Philippians 1, Paul would have rather been with God … but he will stay … only for fruitful labor!

#4 – Powerful & Effective Prayer BRINGS A POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE LIFE! James 5:17

Is my prayer life in a way for God to send me to be His agent to send to the most powerful people?! (starts with my prayer life) James 5:19-20 pray for the strays

CHALLENGE: Refill/make your list of impossible prayers!!

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